Cockpit Charts

District Manager provides on demand analysis and auditing for self-storage facilities.

District Manager's customizable Cockpit View allows you to review the most important statistics of your business in seconds.

Powerful Reporting Tools

Review which managers are giving discounts and know why.

District Manager's Concessions Analysis View reports which plans are most effective and efficient.

Email Alerts

District Manager sends out automatic email alerts to you or your staff when something is going wrong at your facilities, such as the managers falling behind on the collections or leasing, or when they have not opened the store on time.

Many other types of alerts are sent even if you are not watching the software.

Increase your monthly revenue by hundreds, possibly thousands, of dollars using District Manager.

1Works with SiteLink Web Edition

District Manager integrates with SiteLink Web Edition to allow you to quickly analyze and audit your properties saving you valuable time and money!


2Industry Leading Reporting

District Manager will pinpoint revenue loss and will help you target areas for financial improvement, regardless of how many spaces or facilities you have.

3State of the Art Security

We secure the data that you entrust to us while providing you with seemingly instant and uninterrupted access to our services.

4Fast and Powerful Auditing

District Manager allows you to quickly audit your facilities showing which tenants are due for rent raises, increasing your monthly revenue in just a few clicks.